Ways To Help

The best solution for air pollution is reduction. People can make conscious decisions to reduce or even eliminate personal activities that create air emissions. Here are the five top solutions:

  • Altering your driving habits. Simple changes like consolidating trips, joining a carpool, bicycling, or riding the bus all reduce air pollution.
  • Stop topping off your gas tank. Since most of our cars still use petroleum gasoline, simply stopping at the pump click, hanging up the nozzle and putting your car’s gas cap back on quickly can help keep excess emissions from the air. Keep your car well-maintained. A well-running car engine is economical and cleaner than a neglected one. Keep the oil and air filter maintenance up. And check to see that the tires are inflated to their proper levels.
  • Avoid jackrabbit starts and lead-foot stops. Vehicles pollute less – and save gas – when drivers are gentle on the pedals. Pushing the pedal to the metal on the green out of that traffic light is a bad idea for lots of reasons – adding extra amounts of pollution to the air is just one of them.
  • If possible, consider switching from a gasoline-powered car to a cleaner-burning one like compressed natural gas; or, switch to a zero-emission electric vehicle.